Myths and Facts About Immigration

In many areas, discussions about immigrants are often rooted in anecdotal evidence, sketchy data and personal perceptions. Thus, it is often hard to get at the truth. People who are usually logical and rational begin making statements that are based on emotion rather than on facts. Also, local politicians rush into ill-considered policies that in the long run may do more harm than good. Here are some myths and facts that relate to the immigration issue:

Myth: Immigrants cause an increase in the crime rate.

Fact: In a University of California-Irvine study released in February of this year, researchers concluded that “Since 1994, violent crime in the United States has declined 34 percent, and property crime has fallen 26 percent. At the same time the illegal immigrant population has doubled to around 12 million.” The authors of the study went on to say, “The misperception that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are responsible for higher crime rates is deeply rooted in American public opinion and is sustained [merely] by media anecdotes and popular myths.”

Myth: Lower real estate values are attributable to immigrants.

Fact: During the past few years, many communities experienced a real estate “bubble” of inflated values which, according to Wikipedia, “is a type of economic bubble that occurs periodically in local or global real estate markets. The housing bubble in the U. S. was caused by historically low interest rates, poor lending standards and a mania for purchasing homes. It reached its peak in 2005 – 2006 and has been deflating and accelerating since.”

Myth: Immigrants bring in diseases, particularly tuberculosis.

Fact: This may be true for immigrants from Africa, Eastern Europe and the Indian sub-continent. According to the World Health Organization, Swaziland has a TB rate of 469 per 100,000 population. Other countries with high rates include Namibia [290], Botswana [259], Cambodia [226], the Philippines [132] and Bangladesh [105]. Mexico, in contrast, has a rate of only 13 per 100,000-less than relatively modern countries such as Saudi Arabia [18] and the Bahamas [17]. Still, mindful of these numbers, the Centers for Disease Control concluded that “Successful integration of migrant populations into their new communities’ health-care systems is critical to the prevention and control of new and reemerging infectious diseases.”

Myth: Undocumented immigrants are taking jobs that should go to U. S. citizens.

Fact: Overwhelmingly, Hispanic immigrants work in agriculture in back-breaking jobs that native-born Americans shun. Others work in landscaping, construction, custodial work and food service. With the national unemployment rate at only 4.6 percent [3 percent in the greater Washington area] there is a shortage of workers in all fields. It is in the interest of the United States to have more, not fewer workers to maintain the nation’s economic growth.

Myth: Undocumented immigrants want the benefits of citizenship without “waiting in line” for immigration approval.

Fact: Undocumented immigrants want to work to earn money for themselves and to send back to their native countries to care for their families. They do not care about owning property, voting, serving on the school board or running for public office. They pay sales taxes when they buy goods and property taxes through their rent payments. They are willing to pay income taxes as independent contractors or as regular employees. They do not expect welfare, Social Security or Medicare benefits. They merely seek temporary [renewable] work permits that will clarify their status in the workforce and allow them to earn a living.

The Important Facts About Immigration Forms For USA

Filling immigration forms appropriately and finding the attachments with the forms are vital to accomplishing the goal. Anyone that is considering visiting, residing or working in the United States (USA) need to look into what is required. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services office (USCIS) receives many Immigration Forms every day. They must go through each form to determine if a person is accesses a visa, citizenship or is denied of it.

Starting off it is important to actually choose the right Immigration Form for the purpose wanted. Whatever form is needed to be competed properly and turned in to the office filled out according to the instructions. Remember to not leave blanks on these Immigration Forms. Since there are a large group of Immigration Forms returned to the office there are also e-file forms available. This has been introduced to help cut down on the time spend for everyone to get the process completed. Being able to take care of filing online not only saves times getting the process complete, but having to travel to the office too.

Payment for these Immigration Forms application filings can be done with a cashier’s check or money order. These items will need to be made out to the Department of Homeland Security. The online option also allows for easier payment options using the E-filers. These accept credit card as well as checking or savings account direct withdraws.

If someone needs assistance when it comes to filling out the forms there are options. This also includes assistance finding the proper form that needs filled out. USCIS representatives are available as well as other Immigration Law experts, such as a lawyer. They understand it can be confusing when it comes to Immigration Forms along with language barriers and they are willing to work with potential immigrants.

The USCIS website has all the Immigration Forms for free. It also includes information explaining each form as a way of assisting individuals. Fees are also listed for each Immigration Forms. Another way to obtain these forms is to request them to be sent through the mail. Individuals can call to make a request or set up the request online. When requesting these packets they accept up to five requests. Be sure to obtain the proper form through the USCIS website or office to be sure it is the proper form needed.

Experts advice that it is better to re-check the forms and ensure that there are no blank questions that are left unanswered. It is extremely important to ensure that each question is answered properly and as per requirement. Any failure to adhere to the instructions or incomplete forms lead to delay in processing and the approval will be delayed for a significant period of time. To ward off any misconceptions, please be informed that the immigration forms are free of cost and can be downloaded and printed. There are no charges to procure it. However there is a filing fee that needs to be given to Department of Homeland Security which is non-refundable.

What You Need to Know About Immigration and Naturalization

When you want to come to the United States in order to seek employment, to find a family member, to go to school, or to live there for another reason, you need to know all about immigration and naturalization in case you are going to fill out your green card.

In order to apply for United States citizenship, you need to take a test. The information that you fill out is very important and it will all need to be verified by the services before your card can be issued to you. Although it would be nice if your word was good enough, it is always verified in order to make sure that the information you provided was good. During your interview, you will need to take a test. The immigration and naturalization test was started in order to see how well each individual can read, write, and speak English. You will also need to take a civics test in order to test your knowledge and your skills.

The test is not a long test but it has a series of one hundred questions and vocabulary flash cards that you must read. You can practice this test before you have to take it so you can be more current and up-to-date with it.

There are certain exemptions with the immigration and naturalization tests that you need to know about. If you have are fifty years old or above and you have been a resident for twenty years, you do not need to take the test. If you are fifty-five years old or more and you have kept an active green card for fifteen year then you are exempt from the immigration and naturalization test. If you suffer from a mental disability or have a physical disability then you may not need to take the immigration and naturalization test.

If you fail the test then you will be able to reapply and take the test again for the second time. However it is best if you study a long time before you take the test again. The immigration and naturalization test is given to see how much you know about the history of America and the government as well. If you want to keep current on the news and other types of information happening in the United States, you can research through the internet, read papers, and view articles and blogs online.

Practice your writing skills before you take the test. You can do this by writing things you see online, creating a journal that will allow you to practice writing every day, and more. The more you write the better you will get in a short period of time.

In order to sharpen up your speaking skills, you will need to sit in front of a mirror or on camera and say a sentence over and over until you can understand what you are saying. You will need to speak out loud during test or interview.

There are some courses you can take online to help you prepare for your test in advance. You can begin attending these courses a year before you actually apply for your green card. These courses allow you to study at your own pace and learn when you have the opportunity to do so.

All About Immigration Laws


Immigration laws are in affect in order to protect residents and immigrants. There are approximately 1.25 million immigrants who are new and either legal or illegal coming to the United States. Everyone coming to the United States must know the immigration laws and follow the requirements in order to come to the United States legally. If not, this is illegal and can require prison time and fines that need to be paid when immigration laws are broken.

There are many new websites that can help immigrants coming to the United States. Laws about immigration can be found on countless numbers of sites that can provide information on how to legally come to the United States to visit, go to school, or find work.

You can find local organizations that are formed by others who have come over to the USA from the country that you are from. These organizations can help you find the right resources to make your transition easier. They can also help you understand the laws about immigration as well. This is important to know before you come to the United States.

As an immigrant you have certain rights that you may not be aware of. These rights are not only important but they are in place to protect you from becoming a victim and getting an unfair treatment.

Immigration laws are important so you should visit the National Immigration Law Center before you even come to the United States. While visiting this website you need to view the necessary information that helps you understand the many rules and regulations that are set into motion to protect immigrants coming to the United States.

If you have any doubt, you can visit an immigration lawyer. This type of lawyer knows the laws about immigration and what you can expect. While communicating with a lawyer you will be able to ask questions and decide where you want to go in order to reach your goals.

When you study laws about immigration enough and live in the USA long enough to become a citizen, you may be eligible to represent others who are coming to the United States to live by becoming an immigration attorney. There are many schools and colleges that can help you to reach these goals.

In order to find out more about laws about immigration, you can visit the American Immigration Lawyers Association website and you can choose the lawyer that you want to represent you as you begin your new goal of coming to the USA. There are many professional lawyers to choose from and you may need one that speaks your language.

Be sure to renew your visa if you plan to stay in the USA once you get here. There are many immigrants who do not take this step and when you don’t you end up staying in the country illegally and this can cause prison time and/or penalties. It is best to hire a lawyer that all your paperwork is done as per regulations.