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Video description: For this issue we decided to show you 3 boys all of whom have posed different kinds of troubles for us. So that you dont think that our recruiting process is all a bed of roses, in this KA edition are 3 examples of different types of troubles. As you will realize at the end of this video our new boy, Thom Jacobs, has no cum shot here. This was actually the smallest of the troubles that Kevin had with training him. We were fairly unconvinced with the whole process that we wanted to pass on him altogether, but as he was so desperate for money we decided to shoot this one scene to see how it would go. I wont go into more details and I know you well enough to know you will all have an opinion about him that you will happily share with us. We thought his only quality was his twinkiness, but if enough of you want to see more of him, we will invite him back for some more.
Starring: Kevin Warhol, Thom Jacobs

Duration: 03:12 min
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