What You Need to Know About Immigration and Naturalization

When you want to come to the United States in order to seek employment, to find a family member, to go to school, or to live there for another reason, you need to know all about immigration and naturalization in case you are going to fill out your green card.

In order to apply for United States citizenship, you need to take a test. The information that you fill out is very important and it will all need to be verified by the services before your card can be issued to you. Although it would be nice if your word was good enough, it is always verified in order to make sure that the information you provided was good. During your interview, you will need to take a test. The immigration and naturalization test was started in order to see how well each individual can read, write, and speak English. You will also need to take a civics test in order to test your knowledge and your skills.

The test is not a long test but it has a series of one hundred questions and vocabulary flash cards that you must read. You can practice this test before you have to take it so you can be more current and up-to-date with it.

There are certain exemptions with the immigration and naturalization tests that you need to know about. If you have are fifty years old or above and you have been a resident for twenty years, you do not need to take the test. If you are fifty-five years old or more and you have kept an active green card for fifteen year then you are exempt from the immigration and naturalization test. If you suffer from a mental disability or have a physical disability then you may not need to take the immigration and naturalization test.

If you fail the test then you will be able to reapply and take the test again for the second time. However it is best if you study a long time before you take the test again. The immigration and naturalization test is given to see how much you know about the history of America and the government as well. If you want to keep current on the news and other types of information happening in the United States, you can research through the internet, read papers, and view articles and blogs online.

Practice your writing skills before you take the test. You can do this by writing things you see online, creating a journal that will allow you to practice writing every day, and more. The more you write the better you will get in a short period of time.

In order to sharpen up your speaking skills, you will need to sit in front of a mirror or on camera and say a sentence over and over until you can understand what you are saying. You will need to speak out loud during test or interview.

There are some courses you can take online to help you prepare for your test in advance. You can begin attending these courses a year before you actually apply for your green card. These courses allow you to study at your own pace and learn when you have the opportunity to do so.