How to Immigrate to the US


As a permanent resident of the United States, you may help your relative immigrate to the US based on your status. For that you will have to sponsor your relative and be able to prove that you have enough income or assets to support your relative when he/she comes to the US. You start the process by filing Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative.

As a permanent resident of the US, you can file a petition for the following relatives:
Husband or wife; and
Unmarried child(ren), regardless of age.

However, only US citizens can petition for married children. While submitting your petition, you should provide evidence to prove your relationship to the person for whom you are filing.

On filing an I-130 relative petition and proving a qualifying relationship, it gives your relative a place in line for a visa number among others from the same country or region waiting to immigrate to US based on that same kind of relationship. When your relative reaches the top of the line, he/she may be eligible to immigrate.

For example: You file an I-130 petition for

All About Hiring an Immigration Lawyer


An immigration lawyer can make the immigration process much easier and quicker. They can answer questions, give advice, and provide personal and professional assistance in all United States citizenship processes. The lawyer can also assist in sorting through the immigration laws and make the process much easier to understand so you are able to go through the process.

When you come to the United States, you may not speak or read English all that well. Without any help you may miss deadlines, misunderstand details and requirements, or fail to meet all the required paperwork which can all put you at risk of being deported. An immigration lawyer is able to speak English and help to understand the legal process necessary in filing for U.S. citizenship. There are several firms that offer multi-lingual immigration assistance which will offer a lawyer to assist and a certified team willing to assist you as well.

If you are coming to the United States to work, you may need to apply for a work visa or a permanent resident visa, also called PR.

All About Immigration Laws


Immigration laws are in affect in order to protect residents and immigrants. There are approximately 1.25 million immigrants who are new and either legal or illegal coming to the United States. Everyone coming to the United States must know the immigration laws and follow the requirements in order to come to the United States legally. If not, this is illegal and can require prison time and fines that need to be paid when immigration laws are broken.

There are many new websites that can help immigrants coming to the United States. Laws about immigration can be found on countless numbers of sites that can provide information on how to legally come to the United States to visit, go to school, or find work.

You can find local organizations that are formed by others who have come over to the USA from the country that you are from. These organizations can help you find the right resources to make your transition easier. They can also help you understand the laws about immigration as well. This is important to know before you come to the United States.

How to Immigrate to European Union

The European Union is composed of 27 individual state, they give the right to each individual on how to obtain a citizen of an E.U. nation state. In Migrating to E.U. each citizen are allow to live, to travel and to have a job in the state they want to reside. Once you get married to an E.U. resident of course you are free of charge when you desire to tour, go to work or maybe you want to evacuate with no troubles to some E.U. state.

As we look at it, through out of 27 E.U. states in obtaining this particular immigration programs such as foreign work programs, the means of how to obtain citizenship, job loss charge, the legacy of citizenship and new certified immigration programs into which to allocate persons to stay a single or some states.

Through this opportunity, Migrating to E.U. has a various immigration programs. The only advantage of citizenship in an E.U. is the rule and policy to one state with the purpose to stay and be employed. As a result, this means that anyone who turns out to be a citizen of any E.U. state mechanically grants E.U.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Immigrating to the United States is a means to an end for some people, and for others it represents the fulfillment of a long-held personal dream. The impression that this is a nation that offers unparalleled opportunities persists across the globe, in spite of economic challenges that may have arisen. Owing much to this perception, it is common for would-be immigrants often view the prospect of a life here as a way to provide a better and more secure future for their families.

Given the import of this matter, it seems difficult to imagine that anyone would choose to take unnecessary chances that might compromise the success of an application. Yet that is precisely what immigration filers who choose to move ahead without the assistance of a skilled and experienced immigration attorney are doing. An improperly filed application for a visa, Permanent Residency, or other immigration document may not only result in the denial of your application, but it can also cause you to be denied entry for years to come.

Legal Assistance

Unless you are to face an immigration hearing or need to pursue formal appeals to decisions made in regard to your application,

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You With Working in a Foreign Country

Moving to another country can be a complex process. Not only do you need to handle the financial and physical stress involved in the process but you will also find yourself emotionally stressed. This is because the entire process of leaving your home and moving to an entirely new place can be difficult. You may find it difficult to adjust with new people. While these emotional problems can be solved over time, there is another problem that must be immediately solved. This is the necessity of finding a job. Obviously, it is an immediate requirement that must be fulfilled as soon as possible.

You need to understand that finding a job in a foreign country may not be as easy as it may be in your home country. Because you are not a legal resident of this particular country, there will be several legal requirements involved. In order to make sure that you get through these legal processes smoothly, you must hire an immigration lawyer. These are legal experts who can help you with everything related to the immigration process. In order to avoid problems, you must hire an immigration lawyer before moving abroad.

If you

How Does Immigration Services Help

There is an agency to handle everything anymore. Immigration services is available to help guide an individual through the process of obtaining citizenship. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is available to assist in their part to help those who want a green card.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has something to do with all of the services offered for immigrants. The United States CIS is responsible for a wide range of services from assisting with the application process to filing complaints.

Why does the USCIS do all of these things? They do this to maintain order and to keep everything organized. Immigration services have assisted with green cards through marriages, green cards through adoption, any petitions that deal with immigration, or working in the United States with a green card. These services are also responsible for eligibility, checking and verifying all the information provided in the applications.

Why are these services necessary to begin with? Each case that comes across the USCIS is extremely important. Each client is there with a dream or a goal and services recognizes that. When you consider that there is no reason why these services wouldn’t

How to Immigrate to Canada From USA

Want to Immigrate to Canada? Millions of people have successfully immigrated to the Canada. Canada is a most admired destination for highly skilled youth wishing to begin a new life in another nation. However, the process can be quite long and difficult, and there is no guarantee of success. This article tells you the procedures to Immigrate to Canada in simple.

Canada’s immigration procedures are grouped into two general categories as follows.

  • Permanent residence
    • Skilled workers and professionals
    • Family class immigrants (sponsorship)
    • Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people
    • Refugees

  • Temporary residence
    • Foreign students
    • Temporary foreign workers
    • Visitors

How to Apply

  • There are two ways for applying.
    • Through Representative/lawyers/ immigration consultants. There is a fair bit of paperwork to get done during the immigration process, and you may feel overwhelmed. Therefore, applying through Representative/lawyers/ immigration consultants is the best way. So, find out a trustworthy and resourceful person who will support you throughout the immigration process.

    • If your case is quite clear-cut with full confidence, you should be able to manage the immigration process on your own directly through CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). You can visit CIC’s website for more information about how to apply

How to Immigrate to Canada

Canadian Immigration is a wonderful experience for all citizens of world irrespective of race and religion. Canada is a multicultural society and a great place to live and gives numerous opportunities to new comers. The prominent immigrants groups in Canada are Americans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos.

Canadian government is pleased to welcome thousands of immigrants from all over the world. More than 245,000 people immigrated to Canada in 2008 under skilled worker category.

Canadian Government has established a body namely CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to assist people who want to immigrate. CIC has defined some policies and procedures for Immigration. The most famous category of Immigration defined by CIC is Skilled Worker, in which an individual has to attain minimum 67 points to get eligible under skilled worker. The 67 points are based on age, experience, qualification, language skills and adaptability. In addition, you have to have at least 1 year experience in the defined professions list by CIC. These occupations are the most demanded occupations in Canadian job market nowadays. There are a total of 38 hot occupations.

The other methods through which you can immigrate to Canada are:

1. Family

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All About Vaccinations In The Immigration Medical Examination

Most green card applicants find that the Immigration Medical Examination can be one of the most excruciating part of the entire journey of immigration. But with the right guidance one can go through it without much of a problem.

Vaccinations are an important part of the Immigration Medical Examination.


An amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act in September 1996 requires that any person who is in the process of seeking an immigrant visa to show evidence that he has received vaccinations against diseases that are preventable by vaccines.


The Secretary of Health and Human Services is the body that regulates the Immigration Medical Examination process.


As recommended by the U S Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices green card applicants are required to take vaccines. The immigrant’s vaccine history, medical history and age will determine which of the vaccines need to be administered.
List of vaccine-preventable diseases:
• Mumps
• Measles
• Rubella
• Polio
• Tetanus
• Diphtheria
• Pertussis
• Haemophilus influenzae Type B
• Rotavirus
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis

All Illegal Immigrants in UK

Public majority in Britain are of the opinion that illegal immigrants living in the UK, should be allowed to work so that they could contribute positively to the UK economy.

In a program entitled, “The Big Question”, telecast by BBC recently, the attendees were of the opinion that it would cost the government an arm and a leg to send all the illegal settlers back home. Claims about the number of illegal immigrants living in UK, vary between 600,000 to three million. There is no way in which we can judge the authenticity of the illegal immigrants in UK. A technocrat said, “it would take the Home Office 35 years to send all the illegal immigrants back home – if their number remains the same.”

A representative from the London Mayor’s Office said that illegal immigrants should not be given a Carte blanche. Instead a restricted permission to work in UK for five years would be a step in the right direction. Those granted amnesty during these five years should be monitored closely and if they are found contributing positively to the society without committing any crime or creating a law and order situation, only then

All About Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer can make the immigration process much easier and quicker. They can answer questions, give advice, and provide personal and professional assistance in all United States citizenship processes. The lawyer can also assist in sorting through the immigration laws and make the process much easier to understand so you are able to go through the process.

When you come to the United States, you may not speak or read English all that well. Without any help you may miss deadlines, misunderstand details and requirements, or fail to meet all the required paperwork which can all put you at risk of being deported. An immigration lawyer is able to speak English and help to understand the legal process necessary in filing for U.S. citizenship. There are several firms that offer multi-lingual immigration assistance which will offer a lawyer to assist and a certified team willing to assist you as well.

If you are coming to the United States to work, you may need to apply for a work visa or a permanent resident visa, also called PR. Each one of these cases requires different paperwork and a different approval process as well. A work visa

What You Need to Know About Immigration Law

Coming to America can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Not being sure of any of the customs can make it difficult to get around however, it is important that you learn about the immigration law in order to know what your rights are as a new citizen.

There are many immigration law attorneys to represent you when you move here so you won’t be taken advantage of. They also help you to register and to help you apply for citizenship. It’s important that you contact an immigration law attorney instead of trying to do everything on your own. Otherwise, you may not understand the laws here.

Immigration law firms also handle the applications and procedures that are involved with naturalization of foreign nationals who want to apply for become U.S. citizens. There are many legal issues associated with this process and if you seek representation from a well known immigration law firm you will be able to gain citizenship quicker and with less problems than someone who was not represented.

One way to become a citizen is to be born in the country in wish you are seeking citizenship from. Another way to become

More About Immigration Law

If you want to come to the United States but not sure where to begin, you are not alone. There are many who wish to enter the United States but can’t due to the confusing paperwork. If you don’t speak English fluently then this can make the process even more difficult. However, visitors are protected by the immigration law which gives them the rights to come into the U.S. and visit and to get the assistance in filling out the paperwork so they can enjoy the American dream.

Immigration law will help to determine who is eligible for citizenship and who is not. It also determines what responsibilities as well as freedoms the immigrant will have while in the United States.

Some immigrants are only allowed to stay in the U.S. for a certain amount of time and then is required to go back to their home country. Others are granted permanent residence status. This is determined by the paperwork that is submitted at the time the visa is applied for.

Courts in the US do not control immigration law completely. There are other factors and other groups that determine eligibility and length of stay

All About Investment Immigration

The terminology “investment immigration” applies to specific visas that are issued to individuals who wish to establish residency in the US based on a significant monetary investment being made to existing or new companies and the US economy. There are different types of immigration visas based on investment but the two more common ones are the E2 and the EB5. Additionally, it is always recommended that the individual seeking entry into the US under these visas consult with a licensed, experienced immigration attorney.

Types of immigration visas

There are three categories of immigration visas that the US normally grants which includes one of the following:

o Student visas allow limited numbers of students to enter the US to attend a college or university in order to pursue their education
o Visitation visas entitle an individual to enter and stay in the US for a limited period of time whether the purpose is for business or pleasure
o Work visas are issued based on the individual meeting certification requirements as prescribed by the US Labor Department or other federal government agency so they can live and work in the US depending on the person’s field of

Getting Answers to Questions About Immigration Laws

There are so many questions about immigration and sometimes it can be frustrating trying to find all of the answers alone. This is why immigration attorneys are a great source for information and can help you in times of uncertainty. However, before you call an attorney, there are some things that you can do which might make your situation a little easier.

First, try doing some research on the internet. There are many different websites that can give a lot of information about all kinds of immigration questions. Of course, you might not understand every single thing that you read, but it will give you a lot of information about immigration laws. Then, just write down a few of the things that you are concerned with and you can bring them up with an attorney. For example, you might be planning on getting married to a person who isn’t a U.S. citizen. Do a little research first to know what you will need to do in regards to your visas. It can make a huge difference whether the marriage ceremony was performed in the United States or in your fiancés native country. There are different steps to take in regards of getting permanent visas to live

Myths and Facts About Immigration

In many areas, discussions about immigrants are often rooted in anecdotal evidence, sketchy data and personal perceptions. Thus, it is often hard to get at the truth. People who are usually logical and rational begin making statements that are based on emotion rather than on facts. Also, local politicians rush into ill-considered policies that in the long run may do more harm than good. Here are some myths and facts that relate to the immigration issue:

Myth: Immigrants cause an increase in the crime rate.

Fact: In a University of California-Irvine study released in February of this year, researchers concluded that “Since 1994, violent crime in the United States has declined 34 percent, and property crime has fallen 26 percent. At the same time the illegal immigrant population has doubled to around 12 million.” The authors of the study went on to say, “The misperception that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are responsible for higher crime rates is deeply rooted in American public opinion and is sustained [merely] by media anecdotes and popular myths.”

Myth: Lower real estate values are attributable to immigrants.

Fact: During the past few years, many communities experienced a real estate

The Important Facts About Immigration Forms For USA

Filling immigration forms appropriately and finding the attachments with the forms are vital to accomplishing the goal. Anyone that is considering visiting, residing or working in the United States (USA) need to look into what is required. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services office (USCIS) receives many Immigration Forms every day. They must go through each form to determine if a person is accesses a visa, citizenship or is denied of it.

Starting off it is important to actually choose the right Immigration Form for the purpose wanted. Whatever form is needed to be competed properly and turned in to the office filled out according to the instructions. Remember to not leave blanks on these Immigration Forms. Since there are a large group of Immigration Forms returned to the office there are also e-file forms available. This has been introduced to help cut down on the time spend for everyone to get the process completed. Being able to take care of filing online not only saves times getting the process complete, but having to travel to the office too.

Payment for these Immigration Forms application filings can be done with a cashier’s check or money order.

What You Need to Know About Immigration and Naturalization

When you want to come to the United States in order to seek employment, to find a family member, to go to school, or to live there for another reason, you need to know all about immigration and naturalization in case you are going to fill out your green card.

In order to apply for United States citizenship, you need to take a test. The information that you fill out is very important and it will all need to be verified by the services before your card can be issued to you. Although it would be nice if your word was good enough, it is always verified in order to make sure that the information you provided was good. During your interview, you will need to take a test. The immigration and naturalization test was started in order to see how well each individual can read, write, and speak English. You will also need to take a civics test in order to test your knowledge and your skills.

The test is not a long test but it has a series of one hundred questions and vocabulary flash cards that you must read. You can practice this