Tips on using the Common Sense on Mass Immigration booklet with audiences – or with individuals

I suggest you hand the book out at the end of the talk, and give the audience a little tour of the book:

  1. The booklet was sized to fit easily into a shirt pocket or purse, so you can comfortably carry one around to show to others.
  2. The weight comes in at just 1 ounce (with a stamp), so you can mail a copy for a single First Class stamp. You must seal the pages closed with a piece of tape to meet postal regulations.
  3. As noted inside the cover, footnoted versions of the essays are on the website, so anyone who wishes may confirm the data presented.
  4. The authors’ credentials are given to demonstrate that these facts and concerns come from knowledgeable and thoughtful people, many with advanced degrees.
  5. If individual members of the audience are interested in, for instance:
    a. Education – see the article on Education
    b. Language – see the article on Language, and Assimilation
    c. Taxes – see the articles Social Security Costs and
        Compassion and Welfare Costs
    d. and so on… Give a little topic tour.
  6. The articles are on facing pages for ease of copying, which we encourage.
  7. Go over the three fundamental questions in the article Scapegoating Immigrants?.
  8. Mention Kris Eggle’s fate; this is not an academic exercise – it involves real people.
  9. Do your part to spread the message. Order a supply of the booklets for friends, relatives, and associates. You can also download the complete document in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, although it will not be as compact as the printed booklet. (Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the document).
  10. Give your comments/recommendations on which organizations to support – see links. Explain which organizations undertake what kinds of activities.
  11. Lastly: the whole booklet can be pulled down for free from the web site, though not in quite so neat and tidy a package as in the printed version.