Some History

From its inception in 2004, Common Sense On Mass Immigration was designed to provide information on immigration to the US so as to inject that topic in the public consciousness. Facilitating debate was the purpose. It carried out this mission through advertising a booklet for sale that presented all aspects of the immigration debate. While you could read the booklet for free on the website, you could also purchase the booklet to provide to your friends, family and anyone you thought would benefit.

It had a long run, finally going off line in 2012, suffering the common fate of websites abandoned by their owners, web spam abuse. We ran across the domain recently, reviewed its history, and decided it was worth attempting to rescue on several levels. As an example of someone who became alive to immigration as an issue and decided to do something, it has no parallel. It really is the best of this type. And much of the old information remains timely. Perhaps it would be fair to say you wonder that this was written more than 10 years ago. Many of the issues identified are worse.

So it remains timely and a great resource to resurrect.  Besides resurrecting it, we will revamp the structure and provide a more contemporary design. For sure all the old content will we back, and we might add more relevant content to show where this issue is today. If you would like to provide feedback, please get-in-touch.

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